A year-full of adventures : Our upcoming Family World Trip !

There are multitude of ways of managing one’s mid-life crisis. I did not understand the enormity of this stage of life till I hit my 40’s. Instead of rushing and buying a yellow Ferrari, Meha and I decided to take a year off and do a family world trip. You read it right – you jealous DSC_3638 (2)sloggers- Meha, Mihika (our darling 12 year-old daughter) and I are embarking on a mother-of-all-“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”-style adventures !! We wanted to remember a special year while on our death beds (far away still, hopefully) away from the traffic woes and mundane chores- admiring the 5000-year old Pyramids, experiencing the majestic sunrise and sunset at Grand Canyon, gasping at the waterfalls in Yosemite, gazing at the stars in Sedona, shaking hands with Marine Iguanas in Galapagos, getting awe-stuck in Machu Pichhu, encountering the grizzly bears in Yellowstone, gawking at world’s largest musical instrument museum in Phoenix, marveling at the Byzantian-turned-Ottoman Istanbul, and lots more ! How I managed to fool/convince (depending on one’s point of view) Meha to sign up to this absolutely crazy idea, will be detailed in another blog ! We wanted to take a path less trodden,to make our life more interesting. It’s an experiment at this stage of life we thought was worth every penny. Mihika will be parent-tutored for a year – what a fabulous principal who has given a year’s leave without losing a year – and she gets to learn the best lessons of life on the road immersed in various civilizations, peoples, cultures, museums and yes – studies too! Don’t be too jealous, wish us luck :). We have been overwhelmed (frankly I did not know we had so many friends!) by the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by friends and family. Casual acquaintances have accosted me and wished luck – leaving us totally overwhelmed. Now we feel, it’s “OUR” journey. ManySharpBends.Com is our blog where we capture our unforgettable adventures. Do follow us on the blog and facebook posts.