Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Bharatpur : A Rajasthan Odyssey

The Vivanta Taj President upgraded suite was just the right recipe to calm our battered bodies after a hectic but fulfilling Kenyan trip. The quest for authentic Maharashtrian snacks was quickly dashed, however, as we learnt that South Mumbai is “too posh” to cater for such native desires. Zomato came to rescue and we headed off to the unassuming Cafe Bharat with chaddi buddy Motu as company. After sharing silly college stories over beer (in the hotel), specially the one where I stole a whole block of Amul butter from the college mess, we were ready to hit the sack and bid good bye to Aravind.


Next day we headed off to dear friends Mangal & Rita (and their lovely daughter Charisma) in Andheri and were presented with a mouth watering lunch which will be difficult to forget.


The Mumbai-Udaipur flight was on time and soon after landing, we headed off to the local dhobi to handle last 10 days’ laundry. The imposing and enigmatically beautiful Ramada was just what we needed for a 3 day break.

The land of Mewar Rajputs, Udaipur has been hailed as most romantic city in India. I could not conjure up such feelings though as city center resembled a typical Indian provincial town. However the morning trip to Lake Pichola and the City Palace helped in reversing my feelings. City palace museum has some lovely stuff from era gone by.


img_0290 img_0291 img_0292

img_0294 img_0306 img_0308


The next morning was yours truly’s birthday and the best way to celebrate was to gulp a few beers. Its funny how no one questions for your sins on your birthday, so why not make the most of it.


I was jolted on my special day with the thought that 50 was close by so we headed off to the best parlor in town to get my hair colored ! And the Pichola lake boating that followed, with the setting sun and the various iconic landmarks in the background, made my day truly memorable. Thanks darlings Meha and Mika!


img_0342 img_0330

It was time to head to the famed evening folk performance at Bagore-Ki-Haveli. Packed to the last seat, it was a memorable performance of Rajasthani dance, music and puppet show. The best we saw on the whole trip.

img_0350 img_0371 img_0364

After witnessing next morning’s beautiful sunrise, we were on our way to Jodhpur, via Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur.


Kumbalgarh, the first stop, has a fantastic Mewar fort second only to Chittorgarh. It had taken combined armies of Marwar, Amber & Akbar to conquer it, that too for only two days. With a smattering of temples, the fort has a surreal setting.

img_0389 img_0385

It was now mid day and time to visit one of India’s most beautiful Jain temple complexes at Ranakpur. Built of milk-white marble in 15th century, the main temple dedicated to Adinath (first Jain tirthankar), is an architectural wonder.

img_0395 img_0396 img_0399 img_0401 img_0412 img_0414 img_0424 img_0427 img_0428 img_0442

Enough sight seeing for the day. We drove on and checked into our lovely heritage B&B at Jodhpur, overlooking the imposing Mehrangarh fort, one of the most magnificent in India. The dinner on the terrace with the lit up fort in the background was amazing.


IMG_0613 IMG_0584

Next morning we woke up to a sea of blue-cubed homes around us – they signify Brahmin homes even though later the non-Brahmins too got in the act – perhaps symbolic of the transition India is making from a caste-based system to a more egalitarian one. The blue tint is also supposed to drive away the insects.


Jodhpur was the seat of the Rathore Rajputs, who had been driven away by Mohammed of Ghori from Kannauj. They settled in Pali near Jodhpur, eventually choosing the rocky ridge of Mehrangarh as their base under the leadership of Rao Jodha. The area was eventually known as Marwar (place of death) due to harsh conditions in the region.


Everything revolves around the fort and the magnificent museum – it took a good part of our first morning to soak both in.

IMG_0475 IMG_0481 IMG_0485 IMG_0491 IMG_0493 IMG_0498 IMG_0501

Jodhpur Riff, a high-class annual cultural festival was on, and we grabbed the visual treat with both hands.

IMG_0626 IMG_0503 IMG_0530 IMG_0476 IMG_0471

The icing on the cake for the day was zip-lining (courtesy flying fox company) at sunset over the mighty fort – an unforgettable experience indeed !

IMG_0579 IMG_0565 IMG_0557

We visited the beautiful Jaswant Thada (memorial to Maharaj Jaswant Singh II) at 6 am the next morning where Jasleen Kaur regaled us with the soulful renditions as part of Jodhpur Riff concerts.


Remember the (in)famous Salman Khan Black buck/Chinkara hunting incident from 1998? Next we visited a Bishnoi Village, an hour from Jodhpur and learn how this sect, formed in 15th century, was way ahead of times in their belief of protecting the environment with a staunch belief of not harming wildlife and trees. As is typical in India, might is right – inspite of strong evidence Salman was sadly acquitted of hunting black bucks and chinkaras (Indian Gazelle) during shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain. We were welcomed by a Bishnoi family with an Opium (!) ceremony, dressed up in their attire, interacted with them as well as saw a number of Black Bucks, Chinkara, Nilgai (largest Asian antelope) & migrating damoiselle cranes from Siberia. Great stuff .

14731248_1137402066328725_7094150405894113325_n 14729332_1137391882996410_2220511732462689883_n 14725487_10209141171544434_8494637682167831244_n 14720434_10209140969379380_5155744851461895649_n 14717260_1137402356328696_3976814628029407761_n 14708122_1137395782996020_4009339403748661919_n 14705872_10209141070461907_7574933805171335020_n 14702419_1137399102995688_8605121368226418480_n 14702381_1137399456328986_1195804410530584772_n

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Next we headed off to the final frontier Jaisalmer with the famed sunset of Sam dunes as our first stop. Even though crowded and highly touristy, the experience of the dunes on a camel, with the setting sun as the backdrop is truly unforgettable, specially if you move away to a peaceful corner away from the hawkers. Spending a night in the desert camp, regaled by a lovely Rajasthani cultural show is the icing on the cake.

14725694_1139534452782153_8398355770523292734_n 14606470_1139537816115150_474885698412320062_n 14720470_1139536966115235_5103260895849327636_n 14691030_1139536842781914_1815804959498418452_n 14690992_1139535392782059_1865996843944309729_n 14650342_1139537886115143_755573587304134158_n

Next morning we checked into Mystic Jaisalmer, a lovely family run hotel with lovely views of the Jaisalmer fort – one of the few in the world wherein more than 3000 people live within it’s ramparts !

First stop was, you guessed it – the fort ! Founded in the 12th century by Rajput Raja Jaisal, the fort has seen many battles between Rajputs and the Delhi Mughals. Early part of our morning was spent in the fort and the fort palace – the former rulers’ seven-story residence.

14590234_1140237886045143_5691953732745039720_n 14591742_1140238049378460_7456269542647514348_n 14641949_1140237552711843_2530539708611634248_n  14642383_1140239002711698_7800866383014877889_n 14650124_1140237642711834_2495134030479739471_n

At the exit, we were rewarded with a chance meeting with dear friend Nitya and her family from Bangalore. We again met for dinner for a lovely conversation, and ohh, we ate too !!


Having been “Jain-templed” at Ranakpur, we only gave a cursory look at the temples near the fort.

14729133_10209171347018802_2375020829245301461_n 14725652_10209171347338810_51655854934264034_n 14716344_10209171347658818_3869283346746571094_n 14702459_10209171348298834_8976622792583432461_n

Next up was Patwa-ki-haveli, a lovely haveli from the 19th century, situated in a narrow by lane near the fort. It was built by five jain brothers, who were merchants in brocade and jewellery. Fine stonework.

14390766_1140238946045037_4369772132820883105_n 11210392_1140239316045000_1423437732644508158_n 14641998_1140238606045071_4712728433262274227_n 14680637_1140239406044991_118601053419565960_n 14708305_1140237796045152_4780251168577078601_n 14718710_1140238132711785_2761140474809308065_n

After a much desired lunch and nap, it was time to visit Gadi Sagar lake and desert culture museum. It is the result of the single handed effort of the owner Mr N K Sharma who has commendably spent a life time in setting up this lovely museum which has some lovely exhibits on princely states and Rajasthani culture. While introducing the puppet show, he came across as a highly committed and knowledgeable man.



Our last morning in Jaisalmer was spent at the poignant war museum which tells the story of valour and bravery of Indian soldiers in various wars. It is very unique as it is difficult to find war museums in other places in India. Specially this letter from a soldier to his family certainly moved us to tears.


14724553_1140430706025861_6899149808903494455_n 14716135_1140432272692371_7454407271409322284_n 14713631_1140430342692564_439204761211021378_n 14681827_1140430646025867_5023510431998983389_n 14681804_1140431329359132_5483820461121087926_n 14681658_1140430396025892_5980099497761047037_n 14671315_1140430866025845_7794298905503018700_n 14666189_1140431826025749_8363928309950893871_n 14606261_1140430489359216_5877325791127498556_n

We bade good bye to Jaisalmer and boarded the rickety and depressingly dirty 14060 Jaisalmer-Delhi express for Bharatpur. Most of my time was spent in photographing the dirty state of train and its toilets and lecturing fellow passengers and the TT about keeping the public property clean. Everyone had amusing looks on their faces. Free and genuine entertainment is hard to come by now a days. I sent the pictures to Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, still awaiting a reply.

Anyway, next morning we got off at Dausa, a small town in Eastern Rajasthan, from where a taxi whisked us to Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, counted among one of the finest bird reserves in the world. The standard model here is to visit the park on a rickshaw. Meha being the smartest of the lot chose the default option. Mika and I chose a cycle. Bad decision. I spent the next 3 hours trying to balance my bum on a tiny seat on a truly rickety cycle – almost a relic from the past. Oh, and the birds were great as you can see from the pictures.

DSC_3773 DSC_3793 DSC_3800 DSC_3839 DSC_3851 DSC_3899 DSC_3937 DSC_3950 DSC_3961 DSC_3969 DSC_3996 DSC_4016 DSC_4029 DSC_4039 DSC_4046 DSC_4048

It was time for some much deserved Kingfisher beer and rest. A 5 am start the next morning ensured we did not miss the eternal monument of love, only an hour from Bharatpur.

Taj mahal

Taj Mahal well documented, we rushed to Delhi for a quick flight to Chandigarh to give the Indian cricket team a well deserved kick in the right place, resulting in a handsome win against New Zealand in the ODI. And boy, you don’t see a stellar partnership between Kohli and Dhoni every day, do you ! What to do, some guys have all the luck.

14666283_1143454282390170_5945519401928419785_n 14666154_1143677555701176_5634167374551225001_n

Early next morning bouyed by last night’s win, we attacked Amritsari Kulcha and Chole at a roadside joint before heading off to the famed Rock Garden sculptures. Truly outstanding and single handed effort of one individual – Nek Chand. Respect.

14572989_1146068935462038_7078595738603513235_n 14572331_1146068235462108_2934289828676274704_n 14717224_1146067472128851_8766589669103262705_n 14708148_1146067182128880_8342753191849176437_n 14702451_1146067078795557_5194519175897441879_n

As we boarded the Delhi flight, we thought that was the end of Phase 3 of our world trip. Fate had a better ending in store. As we landed, I hear a huge commotion in business class with people rushing ahead. “Sunny Gavaskar”- some one shouted ! My heart almost skipped a beat – close friends would know that I was (and am) a die hard fan of him. One incident comes to mind – in 1983 when West Indies toured India, I stood in the puja room and beseeched God for a huge innings from Sunny. The Lord gifted us with 236 not out ! But I digress. Leaving all courtesies and decency aside, I rush to business class disgustingly in the most obnoxious fashion. Sunny has left the plane. Lord comes to rescue again as Mika and I meet him in the airport bus. Shamelessly I launch into selfies & autographs and popped him the million dollar question “Did you nick it?” in that 1983 Chennai match (there was a controversial appeal that was turned town and Sunny went on to score 236 not out). Sunny explained how the ball had hit the pad (hence he was not out) and patted me for remembering the 33 year old incident. As he walked out of the bus, I was floating in air.

14725451_1144277085641223_2665118940674954240_n 14690852_1144277108974554_9210983252002752587_n

Wait, wait Phase 3 is not over yet. We headed off to Muzaffarpur , Bihar (my home town) to join dad’s  festive 75th birthday celebrations. With full family in attendance, papa must be feeling blessed !! Great note to conclude this leg of world trip. See you in Australia and thanks for reading.

75thbdaypic2 Papa75th